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Why Hold A Coast Guard License? 
  • Prove your qualifications
  • Fullfill a job requirement
  • Become a Charter Boat Captain
  • Generate income
  • Create a tax deduction
  • Satisfy a personal ambition
  • Whatever your reason may be, a Coast Guard   captain's license   is something to be proud of. In fact, less than two percent of all boaters have obtained one. Why are not more boaters Coast Guard licensed captains? Probably because the usual procedure to get a license can be quite frustrating.

    Many people find that completing the required forms, studying the mandatory materials, and trying to prepare for the written examination on their own can be daunting. And when you finally do get ready, you have to drive to an Exam Center in Ohio to take the test.

    Once you have made your decision to pursue licensing, you then must decide how to prepare for the exam. Make no mistake about it. The Coast Guard exam is difficult. Regardless of your background, the exam will be a challenge.

    The test is largely commercial in nature. The average boater is not familar with many of the subjects which include fire fighting, Coast Guard regulations, commerical towing, and many others. For example, the "Rules" portion of the exam is considered by many to be the most difficult since it primarily deals with commerical rules and regulations. It is loaded with difficult questions and a grade of 90 percent is needed to pass.

    When making your decision to pursue a Coast Guard license, you can be assured of one thing -- it never gets easier, only more expensive and more difficult. NOW is always the best time to get started. Once you have made up your mind, though, that is where Sea Tech Marine Training can help.

    Why Choose Sea Tech Marine Training? 
  • Over 20 years of marine training experience
  • Help preparing Coast Guard forms
  • Professional instuctors
  • Professionally prepared curriculum, course materials
  • We are professionals in the marine training business. We will take you step-by-step through the U.S. Coast Guard application process. We can help you prepare the required forms. We can also help you find a convenient place for your physical exam.

    Sea Tech Marine Training provides a professionally prepared course curriculum and course materials. Rather than wading through thousands of questions in a home study guide, we teach you the material you can expect on an exam so there are no surprises.

    Convenient Locations and Dates 
    Our classes are conveniently located throughout the Great Lakes region and are held on off season dates. Sea Tech Marine Training can even hold classes at a location of your own choice with a guaranteed minimum enrollment of just six (6) students. Please see our "Schedule" page for more information on this option.

    Lastly, and just as important, we try to make our courses interesting and entertaining as well as educational. Our staff are all professionals who take great pride in presenting a quality product that will help you get the license of your choice as easily as possible. Our proven curriculum will result, in virtually every case, in you getting your license.

    The Sea Tech Marine Training Guarantee 
    We have been conducting these classes for over twenty (20) years and we have never met a single person who regretted taking the course or was disappointed in having the license. We are so confident that you will be pleased with our results that we offer a unique guarantee:

    If at any time during the course that you feel we are not doing a good job, we will refund your tuition less the cost of any books and course materials.

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